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Automatic bag on valve aerosol filling machine

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Automatic bag on valve aerosol filling machine


The machine will be traditional sealing+gas filling machine and liquid filling machine assembled on a working platform, a worker operation.

The equipment will be evacuated, filled compressed air (or nitrogen N2), sealing, liquid filling into one. Especially suitable for the filling of water-based aerosol products. The machine is fast, precise filling volume and sealing good air tightness, air pressure can be adjusted to the required pressure, but also can be used as medical oxygen filling and two recharge. The machine can also be equipped with PLC+ touch screen control.

Technical parameters :

Filling capacity

0- 450 ml

Filling speed

500-800 cans/hour

Filling tolerance


Compressed air consumption

0.8m/min at pressure 0.7 MPa

Machine size in mm


Net weight in Kg


Company: Huaian Tianying Machinery Co., Ltd.

Contact information: 18888 124569   Address: No. 36 Zhenxing Road, Jinnan Town Industrial Concentration Zone,  Jinhu County, Huaian City, Jiangsu Province

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